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Partners of 
Gabi Grecko-Edelsten
Gabi Grecko-Edelsten

Partners of 
Gabi Grecko-Edelsten

Geoffrey Edelsten


11 Jun 2015

Kevin John

Broken Engagement

until before 2015

Gabi Grecko-Edelsten
Bio Details

Full name

Gabi Grecko-Edelsten

Also known as

Gabi Grecko





Date of birth

Monday 05 Jun 1989

Birth place

Miami, Florida, USA




Reality TV Personality

Only days after getting married Gabi, who was 4 weeks pregnant, was hospitalised after an accident.  She fell down the stairs and was reportedly suffering from a fractured rib and a collapsed lung.  
Gabi and George got married after dating on and off for about 15 months.  The wedding took place one day before her Australian visa ran out.
Maxim & Penthouse Model
Star of The Club Kids of New York
Gabi Grecko-Edelsten

Gabi Grecko-Edelsten




Monday 05 Jun 1989

Gabi Grecko-Edelsten Partner(s) Other Children

Gabi Grecko-Edelsten Children

Matthew Beard

born 1989, age 29 (approx.)
step-child with Geoffrey Edelsten


Gabi Grecko-Edelsten Family

Gabi Grecko-Edelsten's parents:

Gabi Grecko-Edelsten's father was Michael Grecko Gabi Grecko-Edelsten's mother is Kathy Deering Gabi Grecko-Edelsten's step-father is Brian Deering

Gabi Grecko-Edelsten's children:

Gabi Grecko-Edelsten's step-son is Matthew Beard

Gabi Grecko-Edelsten's current partners:

Gabi Grecko-Edelsten's husband is Geoffrey Edelsten

Gabi Grecko-Edelsten's former partners:

Gabi Grecko-Edelsten is the former fiance of Kevin John

Gabi Grecko-Edelsten's in laws:

Gabi Grecko-Edelsten's father in law was Hymie Edelstein Gabi Grecko-Edelsten's mother in law is Esther Edelstein