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Gwen John
Gwen John

Partners of 
Gwen John

Gwen John Bio Details

Full name

Gwendolen Mary John





Date of birth

22 Jun 1876

Birth place

Haverfordwest Wales, UK

Date of death:

1 Sep 1939

Place of death

Dieppe, France

Gwen John Siblings

Thornton John


Augustus John


Winifred John


Artist sister of Augustus John 
Now considered the better painter.
Gwen John

Gwendolen Mary John




22 Jun 1876


1 Sep 1939

Gwen John Family

Gwen John's parents:

Gwen John's father was Edwin John Gwen John's mother was Augusta John

Gwen John's siblings:

Gwen John's brother was Augustus John Gwen John's brother was Thornton John Gwen John's sister was Winifred John

Gwen John's nieces and nephews:

Gwen John's niece was Poppet John Gwen John's nephew was Pyramus John Gwen John's niece is Vivien John Gwen John's niece was Amaryllis Fleming

Gwen John's grandparents:

Gwen John's grandfather is William John Gwen John's grandmother was Mary John

Gwen John's great grandparents:

Gwen John's great grandfather is David Davies Gwen John's great grandfather is William John