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Partner of 
Ann Myers
Ann Myers

Partners of 
Ann Myers

Joseph Myers


1 child together

21 Dec 1850

Ann Myers
Bio Details

Full name

Ann Myers

Maiden name

Ann Swailes

Also known as

Ann Swales




110 (presumed dead)

Date of birth

Tuesday 19 Dec 1826

Birth place

Osmotherly, Yorkshire, UK



Ann Myers

Ann Myers


110 (presumed dead)


Tuesday 19 Dec 1826

Ann Myers Partner(s) Other Children

Ann Myers Children

Elizabeth Temple

born 1868, age 110 (presumed dead)
with Joseph Myers


Ann Myers Family

Ann Myers's parents:

Ann Myers's father was Robert Swales Ann Myers's mother was Sarah Swales

Ann Myers's children:

Ann Myers's daughter was Elizabeth Temple

Ann Myers's current partners:

Ann Myers's husband was Joseph Myers

Ann Myers's grandparents:

Ann Myers's grandfather was Thomas Peacock Ann Myers's grandmother was Ann Peacock

Ann Myers's great grandparents:

Ann Myers's great grandfather was William Atkinson Ann Myers's great grandmother was Elizabeth Atlkinson   Ann Myers's great great grandfather was John Douglas Ann Myers's great great grandmother was Ann Douglas   Ann Myers's 3x great grandfather was Thomas Proud Ann Myers's 3x great grandmother was Elizabeth Proud   Ann Myers's 4x great grandfather is Thomas Proud Ann Myers's 4x great grandmother was Mary Proud

Ann Myers's grandchildren:

Ann Myers's granddaughter is Maggie Temple Ann Myers's granddaughter was Elizabeth Harrison

Ann Myers's great grandchildren:

Ann Myers's great granddaughter is Ruth Pritchard Ann Myers's great granddaughter was Dorothy Goldsmith   Ann Myers's great great granddaughter is Carole Middleton Ann Myers's great great granddaughter is Alison Pritchard Ann Myers's great great grandson is Gary Goldsmith   Ann Myers's 3x great granddaughter is HRH Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge Ann Myers's 3x great granddaughter is Pippa Matthews Ann Myers's 3x great grandson is James Middleton Ann Myers's 3x great granddaughter is Talulah Goldsmith   Ann Myers's 4x great grandson is HRH Prince George of Cambridge Ann Myers's 4x great granddaughter is HRH Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

Ann Myers's in laws:

Ann Myers's father in law is Joseph Myers Ann Myers's son in law was Tom Temple