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Partners of 
Minka Kelly
Minka Kelly

Partners of 
Minka Kelly

Chris Evans

On-Off relationship

relationship resumed Sep 2015

Wilmer Valderrama


dating from 2012

Derek Jeter

Broken Engagement

engaged from 2008
until Aug 2011

John Mayer


relationship began 2007
until Jan 2008

Donald Faison


dated from 2005
until 2005

Minka Kelly Bio Details

Full name

Minka Dumont Kelly

Also known as

Minka Dumont Dufay





Date of birth

24 Jun 1980

Birth place

Los Angeles, California, USA



American Actress of Parenthood and
Charlie's Angels fame
Minka Kelly

Minka Dumont Kelly




24 Jun 1980

Minka Kelly Family

Minka Kelly's parents:

Minka Kelly's father is Ricky Dufay Minka Kelly's mother was Maureen Dumont Kelly

Minka Kelly's former partners:

Minka Kelly had an on-off relationship with Chris Evans Minka Kelly is the former fiance of Derek Jeter Minka Kelly was dating Wilmer Valderrama Minka Kelly had a relationship with John Mayer Minka Kelly dated Donald Faison

Minka Kelly's grandparents:

Minka Kelly's grandfather was Richard Ney

Minka Kelly's great grandparents:

Minka Kelly's great grandfather was Erwin Ney Minka Kelly's great grandmother is Charlotte Ney

Minka Kelly's step-grandparents:

Minka Kelly's step-grandmother is Mei-Lee Ney Minka Kelly's step-grandmother is Pauline Ney

Minka Kelly's former step-grandparents:

Minka Kelly's former step-grandmother was Greer Garson CBE