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Partner of 
Helenka Pantaleoni
Helenka Pantaleoni 

Partners of 
Helenka Pantaleoni

Guido Pantaleoni


2 children together

1935 - 1943

Helenka Pantaleoni
Bio Details

Full name

Helenka Pantaleoni

Maiden name

Helenka Adamowska




86 (approx.)

Date of birth

Tuesday 01 Jan 1901

Birth place

Brookline, Massachusetts, USA

Date of death:

Jan 1987

Place of death

New York, USA

Cause of death

Cardia Arrest


Silent Movie Actress

Head Of UNICEF US Committee (1953 - 1978)

In 2007 UNICEF inaugurated an annual Helenka Pantaleoni Award for humanitarian service
Founding Director of the US Committee for UNICEF
Helenka Pantaleoni

Helenka Pantaleoni


86 (approx.)


Tuesday 01 Jan 1901


Jan 1987

Helenka Pantaleoni Partner(s) Other Children

Helenka Pantaleoni Children

Anthony Pantaleoni

with Guido Pantaleoni

Father of TV Star Tea Leoni

Michael Pantaleoni

with Guido Pantaleoni


Helenka Pantaleoni Family

Helenka Pantaleoni's children:

Helenka Pantaleoni's son is Anthony Pantaleoni Helenka Pantaleoni's son is Michael Pantaleoni

Helenka Pantaleoni's former partners:

Helenka Pantaleoni's former husband is Guido Pantaleoni

Helenka Pantaleoni's grandchildren:

Helenka Pantaleoni's granddaughter is Tea Leoni Helenka Pantaleoni's grandson is Tom Pantaleoni

Helenka Pantaleoni's great grandchildren:

Helenka Pantaleoni's great granddaughter is Madeline West Duchovny Helenka Pantaleoni's great grandson is Kyd Miller Duchovny

Helenka Pantaleoni's in laws:

Helenka Pantaleoni's daughter in law is Emily Pantaleoni