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Ian Fleming
Partners of 
Ian Fleming

Author of the James Bond novels
Ian Fleming

Commander Ian Lancaster Fleming




28 May 1908


12 Aug 1964

Ian Fleming Bio Details

Full name

Commander Ian Lancaster Fleming





Date of birth

28 May 1908

Birth place

27 Green Street, Mayfair, London, England, UK

Date of death:

12 Aug 1964

Place of death

Canterbury, Kent, England, UK

Cause of death

Heart attack.


Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom

Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom

Ian Fleming Siblings

Peter Fleming OBE


Richard Fleming


Michael Fleming


Amaryllis Fleming


other parent: Augustus John

Partners of 
Ian Fleming

Anne Fleming


1 child together

24 Mar 1952

Muriel Wright


relationship began Aug 1935

Daphne Straight


relationship began circa 1934
until about 1934

Monique Panchaud De Bottomes,
Panchaud De Bottens

Broken Engagement

engaged from about Aug 1931
until 1933

Ian Fleming Children

Ian Fleming Partner(s) Other Children

Casper Fleming

born 1952, died 1975, age 23
with Anne Fleming

Son of Ian Fleming

Mary Harmsworth

born 1948, died 1948, age under a month old (approx.)
step-child with Anne Fleming

Ian Fleming Family

Ian Fleming's parents:

Ian Fleming's father was Major Valentine Fleming DSO Ian Fleming's mother was Evelyn Fleming

Ian Fleming's children:

Ian Fleming's son was Casper Fleming Ian Fleming's step-daughter was Mary Harmsworth

Ian Fleming's current partners:

Ian Fleming's husband was Anne Fleming

Ian Fleming's former partners:

Ian Fleming had a relationship with Muriel Wright Ian Fleming is the former fiance of Monique Panchaud De Bottomes, Panchaud De Bottens Ian Fleming had a relationship with Daphne Straight

Ian Fleming's siblings:

Ian Fleming's brother was Peter Fleming OBE Ian Fleming's brother was Richard Fleming Ian Fleming's brother was Michael Fleming Ian Fleming's half-sister was Amaryllis Fleming

Ian Fleming's nieces and nephews:

Ian Fleming's niece is Kate Grimond Kate Fleming Ian Fleming's niece is Lucy Williams Lucy Fleming Ian Fleming's nephew was Nichol Fleming

Ian Fleming's grandparents:

Ian Fleming's grandfather was George St Croix Rose Ian Fleming's grandmother was Beatrice Rose Ian Fleming's grandfather was Robert Fleming Ian Fleming's grandmother was Sarah Fleming OBE

Ian Fleming's great grandparents:

Ian Fleming's great grandfather was Sir Richard Quain, 1st Baronet Ian Fleming's great grandmother was Isabella Quain Ian Fleming's great grandfather was Sir Philip Rose Ian Fleming's great grandmother was Margaretta Rose Ian Fleming's great grandfather is Marshall Hindmarsh Ian Fleming's great grandmother is Mary Hindmarsh Ian Fleming's great grandfather was John Fleming Ian Fleming's great grandmother was Ann Fleming

Ian Fleming's uncles and aunts:

Ian Fleming's uncle was Philip Fleming Ian Fleming's uncle was Ivor Rose Ian Fleming's uncle was Harcourt Rose Ingle Rose Ian Fleming's aunt was Kathleen Rose