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Partners of 
Christina Milian
Christina Milian

Partners of 
Christina Milian

Relationship History

Lil Wayne


relationship began about Jul 2014
until Sep 2015

Jas Prince

Broken Engagement

engaged from about 2013
until about Jul 2014

The Dream


1 child together

married Sep 2009
divorce 2009

Andre Lyon


relationship began about 2006
until Feb 2009

Nick Cannon


relationship began 2003
until 2005

Professional Partners

Mark Ballas

Dancing with the Stars Partner

danced together from 16 Sep 2013
until 14 Oct 2013

Christina Milian Bio Details

Full name

Christine Flores





Date of birth

26 Sep 1981

Birth place

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA


Singer & Recording Artist


Reality TV Personality

The Dream and Christina's daughter Violet has 3 half brothers Navy, London and Christian
their father is The Dream and mum is Nivea
their half brother is Neal who's mum is Nivea and father is Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne was in a relationship with Christina 

Christina Milian Siblings

Danielle Milian


Elizabeth Milian


Actress and Singer
Christina Milian

Christine Flores




26 Sep 1981

Christina Milian Partner(s) Other Children

Christina Milian Children

Violet Nash

born 2010, age 7
with The Dream

Christina Milian Family

Christina Milian's parents:

Christina Milian's father is Don Flores Christina Milian's mother is Carmen Flores

Christina Milian's children:

Christina Milian's daughter is Violet Nash

Christina Milian's former partners:

Christina Milian had a relationship with Lil Wayne Christina Milian's former husband is The Dream Christina Milian had a relationship with Nick Cannon Christina Milian is the former fiance of Jas Prince Christina Milian had a relationship with Andre Lyon

Christina Milian's siblings:

Christina Milian's sister is Danielle Milian Christina Milian's sister is Elizabeth Milian

Christina Milian's nieces and nephews:

Christina Milian's nephew is Daniel Dickerson Christina Milian's niece is Naomi Dickerson Christina Milian's nephew was Richie Dickerson

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