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Partner of 
Jackie Ashley
Jackie Ashley

Partners of 
Jackie Ashley

Andrew Marr


3 children together


Jackie Ashley Bio Details

Full name

Jacqueline Ashley

Also known as

Jackie Marr





Date of birth

10 Sep 1954

Birth place

St Pancras, London, England




Jackie Ashley Siblings

Jane Elizabeth Rosenbaum


Caroline Dewdney


Journalist and Broadcaster
Jackie Ashley

Jacqueline Ashley




10 Sep 1954

Jackie Ashley Partner(s) Other Children

Jackie Ashley Children

Harry Marr

born 1989, age 27
with Andrew Marr

Son of Poilitical Broadcaster Andrew Marr

Isabel Marr

born 1991, age 25
with Andrew Marr

Daughter of Poilitical Broadcaster Andrew Marr

Emily Marr

born 1994, age 22
with Andrew Marr

Daughter of Poilitical Broadcaster Andrew Marr

Jackie Ashley Family

Jackie Ashley's parents:

Jackie Ashley's father was Jack Ashley, Baron Ashley Of Stoke Jackie Ashley's mother was Pauline Ashley

Jackie Ashley's children:

Jackie Ashley's son is Harry Marr Jackie Ashley's daughter is Isabel Marr Jackie Ashley's daughter is Emily Marr

Jackie Ashley's current partners:

Jackie Ashley's husband is Andrew Marr

Jackie Ashley's siblings:

Jackie Ashley's sister is Jane Elizabeth Rosenbaum Jackie Ashley's sister is Caroline Dewdney

Jackie Ashley's grandparents:

Jackie Ashley's grandfather was Clarence Adley Crispin Jackie Ashley's grandfather was John Ashley Jackie Ashley's grandmother was Isabella Bridge

Jackie Ashley's in laws:

Jackie Ashley's father in law is Donald Marr Jackie Ashley's mother in law is Valerie Marr Jackie Ashley's sister in law is Lucy Marr