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Partners of 
Tara Reid
Tara Reid

Partners of 
Tara Reid

Yavuz Cansiz


dating from Sep 2015

Erez Eisen


dated from Feb 2013
until about 24 Jul 2014

Zack Kehayov

Disputed Marriage

"marriage" Aug 2011
"divorce" Oct 2011

Michael Lillelund


dated from Dec 2010
until Feb 2011

Michael Axtmann

Broken Engagement

engaged from 2010
until 2010

Tommy Lee


dated from 2005
until 2005

Wayne Boich


dated from Sep 2003
until Jan 2004

Tom Brady

Brief Liaison

brief liaison from 2002
until 2002

"JC" Chasez


dated from 2002
until 2002

Carson Daly

Broken Engagement

engaged from 28 Oct 2000
until 2001

Fred Durst


dated from 2000
until 2000

Steve Burton


Joe Francis

Brief Liaison

Trace Ayala


Tara Reid Bio Details

Full name

Tara Donna Reid






Professional Children's School, New York, United States

While attending the Professional Children’s School in New York City, Tara's classmates included Sarah Michelle Gellar, Macaulay Culkin and Ben Taylor.

Tara Reid Siblings

Tom Reid


Colleen Reid


Patrick Reid


'American Pie' & 'Sharknado' Actress
Tara Reid

Tara Donna Reid

Tara Reid Family

Tara Reid's parents:

Tara Reid's father was Tom Reid Tara Reid's mother is Donna Reid

Tara Reid's current partners:

Tara Reid is dating Yavuz Cansiz

Tara Reid's former partners:

Tara Reid dated David Schwimmer Tara Reid dated Tommy Lee Tara Reid had a brief liaison with Tom Brady Tara Reid is the former fiance of Carson Daly Tara Reid dated Fred Durst Tara Reid dated "JC" Chasez Tara Reid dated Steve Burton Tara Reid had a brief liaison with Joe Francis Tara Reid dated Jeremy Shockey Tara Reid dated Trace Ayala Tara Reid dated Erez Eisen Tara Reid's former "husband" is Zack Kehayov Tara Reid dated Michael Lillelund Tara Reid is the former fiance of Michael Axtmann Tara Reid dated Wayne Boich

Tara Reid's siblings:

Tara Reid's brother is Tom Reid Tara Reid's sister is Colleen Reid Tara Reid's brother is Patrick Reid