Relationship History

Robert Finlay

Sperm Donor

1 child together

Marjorie Finlay

Opera singer grandmother of Taylor Swift
Marjorie Finlay

Marjorie Finlay Bio Details

Full name

Marjorie Finlay

Maiden name

Marjorie Moehlenkamp





Date of birth

5 Oct 1928

Date of death:

17 Jun 2003

Place of death

Reading, Pennsylvania, USA

Marjorie Finlay Children

Andrea Swift


Andrea Swift

with Robert Finlay

Marjorie Finlay Family

Marjorie Finlay's children:

Marjorie Finlay's daughter is Andrea Swift

Marjorie Finlay's grandchildren:

Marjorie Finlay's granddaughter is Taylor Swift Marjorie Finlay's grandson is Austin Swift

Marjorie Finlay's in laws:

Marjorie Finlay's son in law is Scott Swift