Terry Sue-Patt Bio Details

Full name

Terence Sue-Patt





Date of birth

29 Sep 1964

Date of death:

22 May 2015

Place of death

Walthamstow, London, England




Child Actor (1972)


Anna Scher Theatre School, London, England, United Kingdom

Sir William Collins Comprehensive School, London, United Kingdom

Sue-Patt's character Benny Green was the first person to ever been seen on the BBC show Grange Hill when it first aired in 1978.  About the role he said “I basically played myself in Grange Hill.  There weren’t many black actors about on TV at that time. I had a great time, getting time off school to play football. It was a bit of a dream come true, really.”
Terry's body was found at his home on May 22nd 2015, the actual date of his death is unknown.

Terry Sue-Patt

Played Benny Green in
children's drama Grange Hill
Terry Sue-Patt

Relationship History

Terry Sue-Patt Siblings

Michael Sue-Patt


Terry Sue-Patt Family

Terry Sue-Patt's parents:

Terry Sue-Patt's father is Alston Sue-Patt Terry Sue-Patt's mother is May Sue-Patt

Terry Sue-Patt's siblings:

Terry Sue-Patt's brother was Michael Sue-Patt

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