Relationship History

Scotty T


dated from 2015

Kyle Christie


dating from Oct 2014

Frankie Cocozza

Brief Liaison

brief liaison from Oct 2011
until Oct 2011

Gary Beadle

Brief Liaison

brief liaison from May 2011
until May 2011

Dan Senior


dated from 2009
until 2011

James Tindale

Brief Liaison

Holly Hagan

Reality TV show 'Geordie Shore' cast member 
Holly Hagan

Holly Hagan Bio Details

Full name

Holly Victoria Hagan





Date of birth

7 Jul 1992

Birth place

Middlesborough, UK


Reality TV Personality


Call Centre Operative


Holly is an ambassador for online fitness company 'Protein World'.  An advertising campaign by them featuring a slim lady in a bikini asking 'Are you beach ready?' has prompted outrage, petitions, protests and threats. The posters have been defaced across London. 

Holly Hagan Siblings

Leon Hagan


other parent: Unknown

Holly Hagan Family

Holly Hagan's parents:

Holly Hagan's father is Barry Hagan Holly Hagan's mother is Vicky Hagan

Holly Hagan's current partners:

Holly Hagan is dating Kyle Christie Holly Hagan has a brief liaison with James Tindale

Holly Hagan's former partners:

Holly Hagan dated Scotty T Holly Hagan had a brief liaison with Frankie Cocozza Holly Hagan had a brief liaison with Gary Beadle Holly Hagan dated Dan Senior

Holly Hagan's siblings:

Holly Hagan's half-brother is Leon Hagan

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Cast of Reality TV series Geordie Shore

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Vicky Pattison

Gary Beadle

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