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Partners of 
Sara Foster
Sara Foster

Partners of 
Sara Foster

Tommy Haas



Benicio Del Toro


dated from 2004

Ashley Hamilton

Broken Engagement

engaged from about Sep 2000
until about 2000

Leonardo DiCaprio

Allegedly Dated

Sara Foster Bio Details

Full name

Sara Michael Foster

Also known as

Sara Haas





Date of birth

5 Feb 1981

Birth place

Los Angeles, California, USA




Sara Foster Siblings

Allison Jones Foster


other parent: Unknown

Amy Foster-Gillies


other parent: B J Cook

Erin Foster


Jordan Foster


Daughter of David Foster
Barely Famous Star
Sara Foster

Sara Michael Foster




5 Feb 1981

Sara Foster Partner(s) Other Children

Sara Foster Children

Valentina Haas

born 2010, age 6
with Tommy Haas

Daughter of Tommy Haas and Sara Foster

Sara Foster Family

Sara Foster's parents:

Sara Foster's father is David Foster Sara Foster's mother is Rebecca Foster

Sara Foster's former step-parents:

Sara Foster's former step-mother is Yolanda Hadid Foster Sara Foster's former step-mother is Linda Thompson Sara Foster's former step-mother is B J Cook

Sara Foster's children:

Sara Foster's daughter is Valentina Haas

Sara Foster's current partners:

Sara Foster's husband is Tommy Haas

Sara Foster's former partners:

Sara Foster dated Benicio Del Toro Sara Foster allegedly dated Leonardo DiCaprio Sara Foster is the former fiance of Ashley Hamilton

Sara Foster's siblings:

Sara Foster's sister is Erin Foster Sara Foster's half-sister is Allison Jones Foster Sara Foster's half-sister is Amy Foster-Gillies Sara Foster's sister is Jordan Foster

Sara Foster's grandparents:

Sara Foster's grandfather was Maurice Foster Sara Foster's grandmother was Eleanor Foster

Sara Foster's former step-grandparents:

Sara Foster's former step-grandmother is Ans van den Herik Sara Foster's former step-grandfather is Sanford Thompson Sara Foster's former step-grandmother is Margi Thompson

Sara Foster's in laws:

Sara Foster's father in law is Peter Haas Sara Foster's mother in law is Brigitte Haas Sara Foster's sister in law is Sabine Haas Sara Foster's sister in law is Karin Haas