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Randolph Scott
Partners of 
Randolph Scott

Starred in western films for over 3 decades
Randolph Scott

George Randolph Scott




23 Jan 1898


2 Mar 1987

Randolph Scott Bio Details

Full name

George Randolph Scott





Date of birth

23 Jan 1898

Birth place

Orange County, Virginia, USA

Date of death:

2 Mar 1987

Place of death

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County, California, USA

Cause of death

Heart and Lung Disease


Accountant (Finished 1927)

US Army (1917 - 1919)

Actor (1928 - 1962)


University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, United States (1919)

Randolph Scott Siblings

Catherine Strother Scott


Virginia Heath


Joseph Crane Scott


Barbara von Handschuh


Partners of 
Randolph Scott

Patricia Stillman


2 children together


Marion Scott


married 1936
divorce 1939

Cary Grant

Alleged Affair


Lupe Velez


Howard Hughes

Alleged Affair

Barbara Stanwyck

Alleged Affair

Robert Taylor


Errol Flynn

Alleged Affair

Randolph Scott Children

Randolph Scott Partner(s) Other Children

Sandra Scott Tyler

with Patricia Stillman

Christopher Scott

with Patricia Stillman

Randolph Scott Family

Randolph Scott's parents:

Randolph Scott's father was George Grant Scott Randolph Scott's mother was Lucy Scott

Randolph Scott's children:

Randolph Scott's daughter is Sandra Scott Tyler Randolph Scott's son is Christopher Scott

Randolph Scott's current partners:

Randolph Scott's wife was Patricia Stillman

Randolph Scott's former partners:

Randolph Scott allegedly had an affair with Howard Hughes Randolph Scott allegedly had an affair with Cary Grant Randolph Scott allegedly had an affair with Errol Flynn Randolph Scott had an affair with Lupe Velez Randolph Scott allegedly had an affair with Barbara Stanwyck Randolph Scott had an affair with Robert Taylor Randolph Scott's former wife was Marion Scott

Randolph Scott's siblings:

Randolph Scott's sister was Catherine Strother Scott Randolph Scott's sister was Virginia Heath Randolph Scott's brother was Joseph Crane Scott Randolph Scott's sister was Barbara von Handschuh

Randolph Scott's grandparents:

Randolph Scott's grandfather was Joseph Minor Crane Randolph Scott's grandmother was Barbara Lavinia Crane Randolph Scott's grandfather was Tarlton Woodson Scott Randolph Scott's grandmother was Sarah E. Scott

Randolph Scott's uncles and aunts:

Randolph Scott's aunt was Evalina Virginia Scott Randolph Scott's uncle was Rufus Butler Scott Randolph Scott's uncle was Robert Lee Scott Randolph Scott's uncle was James Hersey Scott Randolph Scott's uncle was Montgomery Maddox Scott Randolph Scott's aunt was Jeanette O. Bradshaw

Randolph Scott's in laws:

Randolph Scott's son in law is Sam Tyler

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