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Partners of 
Carole Lombard
Carole Lombard

Partners of 
Carole Lombard

Clark Gable


1935 - 1942

Gary Cooper


affair from 1934
until 1934

Carole Lombard Bio Details

Full name

Jane Alice Peters





Date of birth

6 Oct 1908

Birth place

Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

Date of death:

16 Jan 1942

Place of death

Mount Potosi, Nevada, USA

Cause of death

Plane Crash

Hollywood Actress
Carole Lombard

Jane Alice Peters




6 Oct 1908


16 Jan 1942

Carole Lombard Family

Carole Lombard's parents:

Carole Lombard's father was Frederic C. Peters Carole Lombard's mother was Elizabeth Peters

Carole Lombard's former partners:

Carole Lombard's former husband was Clark Gable Carole Lombard had an affair with Gary Cooper

Carole Lombard's grandparents:

Carole Lombard's grandfather is John Peters

Carole Lombard's great grandparents:

Carole Lombard's great grandfather is Claus Peters Carole Lombard's great grandmother is Caroline Peters

Carole Lombard's former in laws:

Carole Lombard's former father in law is William Henry Gable Carole Lombard's former mother in law was Adeline Gable Carole Lombard's former grandfather in law was Charles Gable Carole Lombard's former grandmother in law was Nancy Gable Carole Lombard's former grandfather in law was John Herschelman Carole Lombard's former grandmother in law was Rosetta Herschelman Carole Lombard's former husband Clark Gable's uncle in law was Frank Gable

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