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Partners of 
Lupe Velez
Lupe Velez

Partners of 
Lupe Velez

Harald Maresch


affair from 1944
until before 13 Dec 1944

Arturo De Cordova


shomance from circa 1940

Johnny Weissmuller


married 8 Oct 1933
divorce 1938

John Gilbert


affair from 1931
until 1931

Gary Cooper


affair from 1929
until 1931

Douglas Fairbanks Jr.


affair from about 1927

Errol Flynn


Victor Fleming


until before 1929

Russ Columbo

Brief Liaison

until before 1929

Jimmy Durante


Tom Mix


Lupe Velez Bio Details

Full name

María Guadalupe Villalobos Velez

Also known as

The Mexican Spitfire

The Hot Pepper





Date of birth

11 Jul 1908

Birth place

San Luis Potosí, Mexico

Date of death:

13 Dec 1944

Place of death

Glendale, California, United States


Chorus Girl (1926)

Actress (1927)

Throughout her entire career Lupe insisted on doing her own make-up, which she carried around in an old fishing box.  She claimed she knew her face better than anyone else.

A Tragic End

On the 13th of December 1944, Lupe filled her room with flowers, clutched a note to her chest explaining her actions, lay on her 8ft x 8ft bed, and took an overdose of Seconal - the same drug used by Judy Garland for her suicide.  It is unsure whether Lupe actually meant to kill herself, or whether it was a cry for help aimed at her boyfriend Harald Ramesch, by whom she was pregnant.

Lupe Velez Siblings

Emigdio Villalobos-Reyes


Jacobo Villalobos-Reyes y Velez


Star of the Spitfire series of films
Lupe Velez

María Guadalupe Villalobos Velez




11 Jul 1908


13 Dec 1944

Lupe Velez Family

Lupe Velez's parents:

Lupe Velez's father was Jacobo Villalobos-Reyes Lupe Velez's mother was Josefina Vélez

Lupe Velez's former partners:

Lupe Velez had an affair with Sir Charlie Chaplin Lupe Velez's former husband was Johnny Weissmuller Lupe Velez had an affair with Gary Cooper Lupe Velez had an affair with Errol Flynn Lupe Velez had an affair with Randolph Scott Lupe Velez had an affair with John Gilbert Lupe Velez had an affair with Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Lupe Velez had a relationship with Victor Fleming Lupe Velez had an affair with Jimmy Durante Lupe Velez had an affair with Tom Mix Lupe Velez had an affair with Harald Maresch Lupe Velez had a brief liaison with Russ Columbo

Lupe Velez's siblings:

Lupe Velez's brother is Emigdio Villalobos-Reyes Lupe Velez's brother was Jacobo Villalobos-Reyes y Velez

Lupe Velez's grandparents:

Lupe Velez's grandfather was Silverio M. Velez Lupe Velez's grandmother was Carmen Gomez Lupe Velez's grandfather was Jacobo Villalobos-Cuadriello Lupe Velez's grandmother was Luisa Reyes

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