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Partners of 
Jean Ross
Jean Ross

Partners of 
Jean Ross

Eric Maschwitz OBE


affair from circa 1962
until circa 1963

Claud Cockburn


1 child together

married 1934
divorce before 1940

Jean Ross Bio Details

Full name

Jean Iris Ross

Also known as

Jean Iris Cockburn




62 (approx.)

Date of birth


Birth place

Alexandria, Egypt or Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

Date of death:


Place of death

Richmond on Thames, Surrey, England, UK

Eric Maschwitz's popular song These Foolish Things Remind Me of You was based on Jean.
Christopher Isherwood's Inspiration
for Sally Bowles from Cabaret.
Jean Ross

Jean Iris Ross


62 (approx.)





Jean Ross Partner(s) Other Children

Jean Ross Children

Claudia Flanders

born 1933, died 1998, age 65
with Claud Cockburn

Jean Ross Family

Jean Ross's children:

Jean Ross's daughter was Claudia Flanders

Jean Ross's former partners:

Jean Ross's former husband was Claud Cockburn Jean Ross had an affair with Eric Maschwitz OBE

Jean Ross's grandchildren:

Jean Ross's granddaughter is Laura Flanders Jean Ross's granddaughter is Stephanie Flanders

Jean Ross's great grandchildren:

Jean Ross's great grandson is Stanley Arlidge Jean Ross's great granddaughter is Claudia Flanders

Jean Ross's in laws:

Jean Ross's son in law was Michael Flanders OBE

Jean Ross's former in laws:

Jean Ross's former father in law was Henry Cockburn Jean Ross's former mother in law was Elizabeth Cockburn

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