Dr Ed Balls

Former Shadow Chancellor
Dr Ed Balls

Relationship History

Yvette Cooper


3 children together

10 Jan 1998

Stephanie Flanders


relationship began circa 1990
until circa 1995

Professional Partners

Katya Jones

Strictly Come Dancing Partner

danced together from 3 Sep 2016

Dr Ed Balls Children

Ellie Balls


Ellie Balls

with Yvette Cooper

Joel Balls


Joel Balls

with Yvette Cooper

Madelyn Balls


Madelyn Balls

with Yvette Cooper

Dr Ed Balls Siblings

Andrew Balls


Dr Ed Balls Family

Dr Ed Balls's parents:

Dr Ed Balls's father is Professor Michael Balls Dr Ed Balls's mother is Carolyn Balls

Dr Ed Balls's children:

Dr Ed Balls's daughter is Ellie Balls Dr Ed Balls's son is Joel Balls Dr Ed Balls's daughter is Madelyn Balls

Dr Ed Balls's current partners:

Dr Ed Balls's wife is Yvette Cooper

Dr Ed Balls's former partners:

Dr Ed Balls had a relationship with Stephanie Flanders

Dr Ed Balls's siblings:

Dr Ed Balls's brother is Andrew Balls

Dr Ed Balls's in laws:

Dr Ed Balls's father in law is Tony Cooper Dr Ed Balls's mother in law is June Cooper

Dr Ed Balls FameChain Links

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