Michael Balcon Bio Details

Full name

Sir Michael Elias Balcon





Date of birth

19 May 1896

Birth place

Birmingham, UK

Date of death:

17 Oct 1977


Jeweller Apprentice (1913 - 1915)

Film Distributor (1919)

Film Studio Owner (1921 - 1936)

Executive Producer (1937 - 1959)

Film Studio Owner (1959)

Chairman of the BFI (1963 - 1971)


George Dixon's Grammar School, Birmingham, England, United Kingdom (1907 - 1913)

Sir Michael ran Ealing studios for almost 20 years.  When the studio was sold in 1955 , he placed a plaque reading "Here during a quarter of a century many films were made projecting Britain and the British character."
Knighted in 1945 for his services to the British Film Industry.
As a Film producer through Gainsborough Pictures, Gaumont-British and Ealing Studios, Balcon was responsible for a wide range of classic British films including The 39 Steps (1935), Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949), The Lavender Hill Mob (1951) and The Cruel Sea (1952). 

Michael Balcon

A Pioneer of the British Film Industry
Grandfather of British Actor Daniel Day-Lewis
Michael Balcon

Relationship History

Lady Aileen Balcon MBE


2 children together

10 Apr 1924

Michael Balcon Children

Jill Balcon


Jill Balcon

with Lady Aileen Balcon MBE

British Actress Second Wife of Poet Laureate Cecil Day-Lewis

Jonathan Balcon


Jonathan Balcon

with Lady Aileen Balcon MBE

Son of Film Pioneer Michael Balcon Uncle of Actor Daniel Day-Lewis

Michael Balcon Siblings









Michael Balcon Family

Michael Balcon's parents:

Michael Balcon's father was Louis Balcon Michael Balcon's mother was Laura Balcon

Michael Balcon's children:

Michael Balcon's daughter was Jill Balcon Michael Balcon's son was Jonathan Balcon

Michael Balcon's former partners:

Michael Balcon's former wife was Lady Aileen Balcon MBE

Michael Balcon's grandchildren:

Michael Balcon's grandson is Daniel Day-Lewis Michael Balcon's granddaughter is Tamasin Day-Lewis

Michael Balcon's great grandchildren:

Michael Balcon's great granddaughter is Miranda Shearer Michael Balcon's great grandson is Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis Michael Balcon's great grandson is Ronan Day-Lewis Michael Balcon's great grandson is Cashel Day-Lewis

Michael Balcon's in laws:

Michael Balcon's son in law was Cecil Day-Lewis

Michael Balcon's former in laws:

Michael Balcon's former daughter in law is Sally Balcon