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Michael Balcon
Partner of 
Michael Balcon

A Pioneer of the British Film Industry
Grandfather of British Actor Daniel Day-Lewis
Michael Balcon

Sir Michael Elias Balcon




19 May 1896


17 Oct 1977

Michael Balcon Bio Details

Full name

Sir Michael Elias Balcon





Date of birth

19 May 1896

Birth place

Birmingham, UK

Date of death:

17 Oct 1977


Jeweller Apprentice (1913 - 1915)

Film Distributor (1919)

Film Studio Owner (1921 - 1936)

Executive Producer (1937 - 1959)

Film Studio Owner (1959)

Chairman of the BFI (1963 - 1971)


George Dixon's Grammar School, Birmingham, England, United Kingdom (1907 - 1913)

Sir Michael ran Ealing studios for almost 20 years.  When the studio was sold in 1955 , he placed a plaque reading "Here during a quarter of a century many films were made projecting Britain and the British character."
Knighted in 1945 for his services to the British Film Industry.
As a Film producer through Gainsborough Pictures, Gaumont-British and Ealing Studios, Balcon was responsible for a wide range of classic British films including The 39 Steps (1935), Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949), The Lavender Hill Mob (1951) and The Cruel Sea (1952). 

Michael Balcon Siblings









Partners of 
Michael Balcon

Lady Aileen Balcon MBE


2 children together

10 Apr 1924

Michael Balcon Children

Michael Balcon Partner(s) Other Children

Jill Balcon

born 1925, died 2009, age 84
with Lady Aileen Balcon MBE

British Actress Second Wife of Poet Laureate Cecil Day-Lewis

Jonathan Balcon

born 1931, died 2012, age 81 (approx.)
with Lady Aileen Balcon MBE

Son of Film Pioneer Michael Balcon Uncle of Actor Daniel Day-Lewis

Michael Balcon Family

Michael Balcon's parents:

Michael Balcon's father was Louis Balcon Michael Balcon's mother was Laura Balcon

Michael Balcon's children:

Michael Balcon's daughter was Jill Balcon Michael Balcon's son was Jonathan Balcon

Michael Balcon's former partners:

Michael Balcon's former wife was Lady Aileen Balcon MBE

Michael Balcon's grandchildren:

Michael Balcon's grandson is Daniel Day-Lewis Michael Balcon's granddaughter is Tamasin Day-Lewis

Michael Balcon's great grandchildren:

Michael Balcon's great granddaughter is Miranda Shearer Michael Balcon's great grandson is Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis Michael Balcon's great grandson is Ronan Day-Lewis Michael Balcon's great grandson is Cashel Day-Lewis

Michael Balcon's in laws:

Michael Balcon's son in law was Cecil Day-Lewis

Michael Balcon's former in laws:

Michael Balcon's former daughter in law is Sally Balcon