Relationship History

Rik Van Nutter


marriage 1963
divorce 1975

Anthony Steel


marriage 1956
divorce 1959

Gianni Agnelli


affair from after 1953

Yul Brynner

Brief Liaison

Tyrone Power

Alleged Affair

Frank Sinatra

Alleged Affair

Rod Taylor

Alleged Affair

Errol Flynn


Gary Cooper


Anita Ekberg

Was famously filmed in the Trevi Fountain in the Fellini film La Dolce Vita
Anita Ekberg

Anita Ekberg Bio Details

Full name

Kerstin Anita Marianne Ekberg





Date of birth

29 Sep 1931

Birth place

Malmö, Sweden

Date of death:

11 Jan 2015

Place of death

Rocca di Papa, Italy



Beauty Queen (1950 - 1951)

Life Imitating Art

After the release of the film La Dolce Vita, about a journalist's life in Rome, a real life paparazzo took a photo of Ekberg kissing a married man in a club.  He then followed her home.  Shortly afterwards, Miss Ekberg appeared from her house with a bow and arrow and shot the photographer through the hand.  Once he was incapacitated by this she went on to knee him in the groin.

Golden Globes

1956 - New Star of the Year - Blood Alley

Anita Ekberg Family

Anita Ekberg's former partners:

Anita Ekberg allegedly had an affair with Frank Sinatra Anita Ekberg had an affair with Gianni Agnelli Anita Ekberg had a brief liaison with Yul Brynner Anita Ekberg allegedly had an affair with Tyrone Power Anita Ekberg allegedly had an affair with Rod Taylor Anita Ekberg dated Errol Flynn Anita Ekberg dated Gary Cooper Anita Ekberg's former husband was Rik Van Nutter Anita Ekberg's former husband was Anthony Steel

Anita Ekberg's former in laws:

Anita Ekberg's former father in law was Edward Steel

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Golden Globe Award Winners 1956 - The 13th


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