Harry Cohn Bio Details

Full name

Harry Cohn





Date of birth

23 Jul 1891

Birth place

New York City, New York, USA

Date of death:

27 Feb 1958

Place of death

Phoenix, Arizona, USA


Vaudeville Singer

Streetcar Conductor

Pool Hustler

Music Promoter

Film Studio Executive (1920 - 1958)

Being a notoriously foul-mouthed and and tyrannical man, Cohn earned himself the nickname "the meanest man in Hollywood"

Harry Cohn

Co-Founder of Columbia Pictures
Harry Cohn

Relationship History

Harry Cohn Siblings

Jack Cohn


Harry Cohn Family

Harry Cohn's parents:

Harry Cohn's father was Joseph Cohn Harry Cohn's mother was Bella Cohn

Harry Cohn's current partners:

Harry Cohn had an affair with Marlene Dietrich

Harry Cohn's siblings:

Harry Cohn's brother is Jack Cohn