James Hawthorne Bio Details

Full name

Doctor James Hawthorne





Date of birth

27 Mar 1930

Birth place

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Date of death:

7 Sep 2006

Place of death

Belfast, Northern Ireland


Teacher (1951 - 1960)

Broadcaster (1960)

BBC Staff (1960 - 1976)

BBC Schools Producer (NI) (1967)

Chief Assistant (BBC NI) (1969 - 1970)

Director of Broadcasting (1972 - 1977)

Controller of the BBC (NI) (1978 - 1987)


Queen's University, Belfast, Ireland

James Hawthorne

Former Controller of the BBC in Northern Ireland
James Hawthorne

Relationship History

Patricia Hawthorne


3 children together

1958 - 2002

James Hawthorne Children

Fiona Hawthorne


Fiona Hawthorne

with Patricia Hawthorne

Wife of British Actor Colin Salmon

Patrick Hawthorne


Patrick Hawthorne

with Patricia Hawthorne

Son of the former Controller of the BBC NI, James Hawthorne

Deirdre Hawthorne


Deirdre Hawthorne

with Patricia Hawthorne

Daughter of the former Controller of the BBC NI, James Hawthorne

James Hawthorne Family

James Hawthorne's children:

James Hawthorne's son is Fiona Hawthorne James Hawthorne's son is Patrick Hawthorne James Hawthorne's daughter is Deirdre Hawthorne

James Hawthorne's former partners:

James Hawthorne's former wife was Patricia Hawthorne

James Hawthorne's grandchildren:

James Hawthorne's granddaughter is Sasha Salmon James Hawthorne's grandson is Rudi Salmon James Hawthorne's granddaughter is Eden Salmon James Hawthorne's grandson is Benjamin Salmon

James Hawthorne's in laws:

James Hawthorne's son in law is Colin Salmon