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Marvin Gaye
Partners of 
Marvin Gaye

Motown Soul Singer
Marvin Gaye

Marvin Pentz Gaye




2 Apr 1939


1 Apr 1984

Marvin Gaye Bio Details

Full name

Marvin Pentz Gaye

Also known as

Prince Of Soul

Marvin Gay





Date of birth

2 Apr 1939

Birth place

Freedman's Hospital, Washington, DC, USA

Date of death:

1 Apr 1984

Place of death

Los Angeles, California, USA

Cause of death

Shot by his father


Singer & Recording Artist


Golf Caddy


Pharrell Williams and Robin Thick committed copyright infringement by taking elements of Marvin's hit 'Got to Give It Up' and putting it on the mega hit 'Blurred Lines'. The jury ruled that they had not done it purposely but Marvin Gaye's family were awarded $7.3 million in damages.

Grammy Awards

1983 - Best R&B Vocal and Instrumental - Sexual Healing
1996 - Lifetime Achievement Award

Marvin Gaye Siblings

Zeola Gay


Frankie Gay


Michael Cooper


other parent: Unknown

Jeanne Gay


Partners of 
Marvin Gaye

Janis Gaye


2 children together

married 1977
divorce 1981

Anna Gaye


1 child together

married 1963
divorce 1975

Marvin Gaye Children

Marvin Gaye Partner(s) Other Children

Nona Gaye

born 1974, age 42
with Janis Gaye

Marvin Gaye's daughter

Frankie Gaye

born 1975, age 41
with Janis Gaye

Marvin Gaye III

adopted with Anna Gaye

Marvin Gaye Family

Marvin Gaye's parents:

Marvin Gaye's father was Rev. Marvin Gay Marvin Gaye's mother is Alberta Gay

Marvin Gaye's children:

Marvin Gaye's daughter is Nona Gaye Marvin Gaye's son is Frankie Gaye Marvin Gaye's adopted son is Marvin Gaye III

Marvin Gaye's former partners:

Marvin Gaye's former wife was Anna Gaye Marvin Gaye's former wife is Janis Gaye

Marvin Gaye's siblings:

Marvin Gaye's sister is Zeola Gay Marvin Gaye's brother was Frankie Gay Marvin Gaye's half-brother is Michael Cooper Marvin Gaye's sister is Jeanne Gay

Marvin Gaye's nieces and nephews:

Marvin Gaye's niece is April Gay

Marvin Gaye's uncles and aunts:

Marvin Gaye's aunt is Pearl Cooper Marvin Gaye's aunt is Zeola Cooper

Marvin Gaye's former in laws:

Marvin Gaye's former brother in law is Berry Gordy Jr Marvin Gaye's former father in law was Berry Gordy II Marvin Gaye's former mother in law was Bertha Gordy Marvin Gaye's former grandfather in law is Berry Gordy I Marvin Gaye's former grandmother in law is Lucy Gordy Marvin Gaye's former sister in law is Gwen Fuqua Marvin Gaye's former sister in law is Esther Edwards Marvin Gaye's former brother in law is Robert Gordy Marvin Gaye's former sister in law is Loucye Gordy Marvin Gaye's former brother in law is Fuller Gordy Marvin Gaye's former brother in law is George Gordy

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