Relationship History

Eddie Clarkson


2 children together

Aug 1957

Shirley Clarkson

Created the Paddington Bear toy. Mother of Jeremy Clarkson
Shirley Clarkson

Shirley Clarkson Bio Details

Full name

Shirley Gabrielle Clarkson

Maiden name

Shirley Gabrielle Ward





Date of birth

9 Nov 1934

Birth place

Doncaster, Yorkshire, England, UK

Date of death:

24 Mar 2014

Place of death

At Home.

Founded Gabrielle Designs and created the first Paddington Bear toy. The character was created by Michael Bond in 1958.

Shirley Clarkson Children

Jeremy Clarkson


Jeremy Clarkson

with Eddie Clarkson

Former Top Gear Presenter and Journalist

Joanna Higton


Joanna Higton

with Eddie Clarkson

Shirley Clarkson Family

Shirley Clarkson's children:

Shirley Clarkson's son is Jeremy Clarkson Shirley Clarkson's daughter is Joanna Higton

Shirley Clarkson's current partners:

Shirley Clarkson's husband was Eddie Clarkson

Shirley Clarkson's grandchildren:

Shirley Clarkson's granddaughter is Emily Clarkson Shirley Clarkson's grandson is Finlo Clarkson Shirley Clarkson's granddaughter is Katya Clarkson

Shirley Clarkson's in laws:

Shirley Clarkson's father in law is Joseph Clarkson Shirley Clarkson's mother in law is Ethel Clarkson Shirley Clarkson's daughter in law is Francie Clarkson