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Jeremy Clarkson
Partners of 
Jeremy Clarkson

Former Top Gear Presenter and Journalist
Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson




Monday 11 Apr 1960

Jeremy Clarkson
Bio Details

Full name

Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson





Date of birth

Monday 11 Apr 1960

Birth place

Doncaster, Yorkshire, England, UK


TV Presenter



Repton School, The Lodge, Repton, Derby, England, United Kingdom

Hill House School, Doncaster, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

Voice of Harv in animated film Cars.

Jeremy Clarkson Siblings

Joanna Higton


Partners of 
Jeremy Clarkson

Lisa Hogan

Rumoured Romance

allegedly dating from before Feb 2017

Philippa Sage


relationship began 2011

Alex Hall


affair from 1999
until about 2009

Francie Clarkson


3 children together

marriage 8 May 1993

Jeremy Clarkson Children

Emily Clarkson

born 1994, age 23
with Francie Clarkson

Finlo Clarkson

born 1996, age 22
with Francie Clarkson

Katya Clarkson

born 1998, age 20
with Francie Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson Partner(s) Other Children


Jeremy Clarkson Family

Jeremy Clarkson's parents:

Jeremy Clarkson's mother was Shirley Clarkson Jeremy Clarkson's father was Eddie Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson's children:

Jeremy Clarkson's daughter is Emily Clarkson Jeremy Clarkson's son is Finlo Clarkson Jeremy Clarkson's daughter is Katya Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson's current partners:

Jeremy Clarkson is rumoured to have a romance with Lisa Hogan Jeremy Clarkson has a relationship with Philippa Sage Jeremy Clarkson's wife is Francie Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson's former partners:

Jeremy Clarkson had an affair with Alex Hall

Jeremy Clarkson's siblings:

Jeremy Clarkson's sister is Joanna Higton

Jeremy Clarkson's grandparents:

Jeremy Clarkson's grandmother was Gwendoline Ward Jeremy Clarkson's grandfather is Joseph Clarkson Jeremy Clarkson's grandmother is Ethel Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson's great grandparents:

Jeremy Clarkson's great grandfather was 'Flash' Harry Smethurst Jeremy Clarkson's great grandmother was Annie Smethurst   Jeremy Clarkson's great great grandfather was George Kilner   Jeremy Clarkson's 3x great grandfather was John Kilner

Jeremy Clarkson's in laws:

Jeremy Clarkson's father in law was Major Robert Cain VC Jeremy Clarkson's mother in law is Mary Cain Jeremy Clarkson's grandfather in law was Robert Cain Jeremy Clarkson's grandmother in law was Emily Cain

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