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Partners of 
Elizabeth Berkely
Elizabeth Berkely

Partners of 
Elizabeth Berkely

Relationship History

Greg Lauren


1 child together


Roger Wilson


Professional Partners

Valentin Chmerkovskiy

Dancing with the Stars Partner

danced together from 16 Sep 2013
until 11 Nov 2013

Elizabeth Berkely Bio Details

Full name

Elizabeth Berkely

Also known as

Elizabeth Berkely Lauren





Date of birth

28 Jul 1972

Birth place

Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA



Star of Saved By The Bell
Elizabeth Berkely

Elizabeth Berkely




28 Jul 1972

Elizabeth Berkely Partner(s) Other Children

Elizabeth Berkely Children

Sky Lauren

born 2012, age 5 (approx.)
with Greg Lauren

Greg Lauren's Son Ralph Lauren's Great Nephew

Elizabeth Berkely Family

Elizabeth Berkely's children:

Elizabeth Berkely's son is Sky Lauren

Elizabeth Berkely's current partners:

Elizabeth Berkely's husband is Greg Lauren

Elizabeth Berkely's former partners:

Elizabeth Berkely dated Roger Wilson

Elizabeth Berkely's in laws:

Elizabeth Berkely's husband Greg Lauren's uncle in law is Ralph Lauren Elizabeth Berkely's father in law is Jerry Lauren Elizabeth Berkely's mother in law is Susan Lauren Elizabeth Berkely's grandfather in law is Frank Lifshitz Elizabeth Berkely's grandmother in law is Fradyl Lifshitz Elizabeth Berkely's brother in law is Brad Lauren Elizabeth Berkely's sister in law is Jenny Lauren Elizabeth Berkely's husband Greg Lauren's uncle in law is Lenny Lifshitz Elizabeth Berkely's husband Greg Lauren's uncle in law is George Lauren Elizabeth Berkely's husband Greg Lauren's aunt-by-marriage is Ricky Lauren

Elizabeth Berkely FameChain Links

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