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Cliff Arquette
Partners of 
Cliff Arquette

Grandfather of Patricia and David Arquette
Famous for his role as Charley Weaver
Cliff Arquette

Clifford Charles Arquette




27 Dec 1905


23 Sep 1974

Cliff Arquette Bio Details

Full name

Clifford Charles Arquette

Also known as

Charley Weaver





Date of birth

27 Dec 1905

Birth place

Toledo, Ohio, USA

Date of death:

23 Sep 1974

Place of death

California, USA




Partners of 
Cliff Arquette

Julie Harrison-Arquette


1 child together

married 1934
divorce 1942

Cliff Arquette Children

Cliff Arquette Partner(s) Other Children

Lewis Arquette

born 1935, died 2001, age 65
with Julie Harrison-Arquette

American actor

Cliff Arquette Family

Cliff Arquette's parents:

Cliff Arquette's father is Charles Arquette Cliff Arquette's mother is Winifred Arquette

Cliff Arquette's children:

Cliff Arquette's son was Lewis Arquette

Cliff Arquette's former partners:

Cliff Arquette's former wife was Julie Harrison-Arquette

Cliff Arquette's grandchildren:

Cliff Arquette's granddaughter is Patricia Arquette Cliff Arquette's grandson is David Arquette Cliff Arquette's granddaughter is Rosanna Arquette Cliff Arquette's grandson is Richmond Arquette Cliff Arquette's granddaughter was Alexis Arquette

Cliff Arquette's great grandchildren:

Cliff Arquette's great grandson is Enzo Rossi Cliff Arquette's great granddaughter is Harlow Jane Cliff Arquette's great granddaughter is Coco Arquette Cliff Arquette's great grandson is Charlie West Arquette

Cliff Arquette's in laws:

Cliff Arquette's daughter in law was Brenda Arquette

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