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Partner of 
Jenny Bale
Jenny Bale

Partners of 
Jenny Bale

David Bale


3 children together

married 1972
divorce about 1986

Jenny Bale
Bio Details

Full name

Jennifer Bale

Maiden name

Jennifer James




71 (approx.)

Date of birth


Birth place

Buckinghamshire, England, UK


Circus Performer

Invariably described as a circus performer but Christian says she was only in the circus for one season.
Jenny Bale

Jennifer Bale


71 (approx.)



Jenny Bale Partner(s) Other Children

Jenny Bale Children

Sharon Bale

born 1967, age 51 (approx.)
with David Bale

Louise Bale

born 1972, age 45
with David Bale

Christian Bale

born 1974, age 44
with David Bale

Hollywood Star


Jenny Bale Family

Jenny Bale's parents:

Jenny Bale's mother is Edna James

Jenny Bale's children:

Jenny Bale's son is Christian Bale Jenny Bale's daughter is Sharon Bale Jenny Bale's daughter is Louise Bale

Jenny Bale's former partners:

Jenny Bale's former husband was David Bale

Jenny Bale's grandchildren:

Jenny Bale's granddaughter is Emmeline Bale Jenny Bale's grandson is Joseph Bale

Jenny Bale's in laws:

Jenny Bale's daughter in law is Sibi Blazic

Jenny Bale's former in laws:

Jenny Bale's former father in law is Philip Bale Jenny Bale's former mother in law was Doreen Bale