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Partner of 
Anne Meara
Anne Meara

Partners of 
Anne Meara

Jerry Stiller


2 children together

14 Sep 1954

Anne Meara Bio Details

Full name

Anne Meara





Date of birth

20 Sep 1929

Birth place

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Date of death:

23 May 2015

Cause of death

Natural causes




Stiller and Mear Comedy Team
Anne Meara

Anne Meara




20 Sep 1929


23 May 2015

Anne Meara Partner(s) Other Children

Anne Meara Children

Amy Stiller

born 1961, age 55
with Jerry Stiller

American Actress and Comedian

Ben Stiller

born 1965, age 51
with Jerry Stiller

American Comedy Genius

Anne Meara Family

Anne Meara's parents:

Anne Meara's father was Edward Meara Anne Meara's mother is Mary Meara

Anne Meara's children:

Anne Meara's son is Ben Stiller Anne Meara's daughter is Amy Stiller

Anne Meara's current partners:

Anne Meara's husband was Jerry Stiller

Anne Meara's grandchildren:

Anne Meara's granddaughter is Ella Stiller Anne Meara's grandson is Quinlin Stiller

Anne Meara's in laws:

Anne Meara's daughter in law is Christine Taylor Anne Meara's father in law was William Stiller Anne Meara's mother in law was Bella Stiller Anne Meara's son in law is Roger Bumpass