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Partners of 
Gloria Loring
Gloria Loring

Partners of 
Gloria Loring

Rene Lagler


20 Dec 1994

Christopher Beaumont


married 18 Jun 1988
divorce 1993

Alan Thicke


2 children together

married 22 Aug 1970
divorce about 1984

Gloria Loring Bio Details

Full name

Gloria Jean Loring

Maiden name

Gloria Jean Goff





Date of birth

10 Dec 1946

Birth place

Manhattan, New York City, USA


Miami Beach Senior High School, Miami Beach, Florida, United States (Finished 1964)

Gloria Loring

Gloria Jean Loring




10 Dec 1946

Gloria Loring Partner(s) Other Children

Gloria Loring Children

Brennan Thicke

born 1974, age 42
with Alan Thicke

Robin Thicke

born 1977, age 39
with Alan Thicke

American Singer

Gloria Loring Family

Gloria Loring's parents:

Gloria Loring's father is Buzzy Goff Gloria Loring's mother is Dorothy Goff

Gloria Loring's children:

Gloria Loring's son is Robin Thicke Gloria Loring's son is Brennan Thicke

Gloria Loring's current partners:

Gloria Loring's husband is Rene Lagler

Gloria Loring's former partners:

Gloria Loring's former husband was Alan Thicke Gloria Loring's former husband is Christopher Beaumont

Gloria Loring's grandchildren:

Gloria Loring's grandson is Tyler Thicke Gloria Loring's grandson is Julian Thicke

Gloria Loring's in laws:

Gloria Loring's daughter in law is Dolly Thicke

Gloria Loring's former in laws:

Gloria Loring's former daughter in law is Paula Patton Gloria Loring's former father in law is William Jeffery Gloria Loring's former mother in law was Joan Thicke Gloria Loring's former step-father in law is Dr Brian Thicke Gloria Loring's former half-sister in law is Joanne Thicke Rattray Gloria Loring's former half-brother in law is Todd Thicke