Alan Thicke Bio Details

Full name

Alan Willis Thicke

Maiden name

Alan Willis Jeffery





Date of birth

1 Mar 1947

Birth place

Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada




Wrote the Theme tunes for TV Shows such as Different Strokes and The Wheel of Fortune

Alan Thicke

Star of 80's TV Show Growing Pains
Father of Robin Thicke
Alan Thicke

Relationship History

Gloria Loring


2 children together

marriage 1970
divorce about 1984

Alan Thicke Children

Brennan Thicke


Brennan Thicke

with Gloria Loring

Robin Thicke


Robin Thicke

with Gloria Loring

American Singer

Alan Thicke Family

Alan Thicke's parents:

Alan Thicke's father is William Jeffery Alan Thicke's mother is Joan Thicke Alan Thicke's step-father is Dr Brian Thicke

Alan Thicke's children:

Alan Thicke's son is Robin Thicke Alan Thicke's son is Brennan Thicke

Alan Thicke's former partners:

Alan Thicke's former wife is Gloria Loring

Alan Thicke's grandchildren:

Alan Thicke's grandson is Julian Thicke

Alan Thicke's in laws:

Alan Thicke's daughter in law is Dolly Thicke

Alan Thicke's former in laws:

Alan Thicke's former daughter in law is Paula Patton Alan Thicke's former father in law is Gerald Goff Alan Thicke's former mother in law is Dorothy Goff