Relationship History

William Abdy


1 child together

1776 - 1803

Mary Abdy Bio Details

Full name

Mary Abdy

Maiden name

Mary Brebner-Gordon



Birth place


Date of death:

4 Mar 1829

Mary Abdy Children

Catherine Fellowes


Catherine Fellowes

with William Abdy

Mary Abdy Family

Mary Abdy's children:

Mary Abdy's daughter was Catherine Fellowes

Mary Abdy's former partners:

Mary Abdy's former husband was William Abdy

Mary Abdy's grandchildren:

Mary Abdy's grandson was William Fellowes-Gordon Mary Abdy's granddaughter was Katharine Fellowes Mary Abdy's grandson was Thomas Fellowes

Mary Abdy's former in laws:

Mary Abdy's former son in law was Thomas Fellowes