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Partners of 
Sally Meen
Sally Meen

Partners of 
Sally Meen

Russ Lindsay


2 children together

Sep 2006

Ian Mosby


relationship began May 2002

Nick Chesworth


Sally Meen
Bio Details

Full name

Sally Meen




TV Weather Presenter

Sally Meen Siblings

Matthew Goode


other parent: Anthony Goode

Sally Meen

Sally Meen

Sally Meen Partner(s) Other Children

Sally Meen Children

Tilly Lindsay

born 2009, age 9 (approx.)
with Russ Lindsay

Flora Lindsay

born 2010, age 8 (approx.)
with Russ Lindsay

Charlie Lindsay

born 1995, age 23 (approx.)
step-child with Russ Lindsay

Gabriel Lindsay

born 1997, age 21 (approx.)
step-child with Russ Lindsay


Sally Meen Family

Sally Meen's parents:

Sally Meen's father is Trevor Meen Sally Meen's mother is Jennifer Goode Sally Meen's step-father was Anthony Goode

Sally Meen's children:

Sally Meen's daughter is Tilly Lindsay Sally Meen's daughter is Flora Lindsay Sally Meen's step-son is Charlie Lindsay Sally Meen's step-son is Gabriel Lindsay

Sally Meen's current partners:

Sally Meen's husband is Russ Lindsay Sally Meen's husband is Nick Chesworth

Sally Meen's former partners:

Sally Meen had a relationship with Ian Mosby

Sally Meen's siblings:

Sally Meen's half-brother is Matthew Goode

Sally Meen's nieces and nephews:

Sally Meen's niece is Matilda Eve Goode