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Partners of 
Bristol Palin
Bristol Palin

Partners of 
Bristol Palin

Relationship History

Levi Johnston

Broken Engagement

engaged from Jul 2010
until 3 Aug 2010

Professional Partners

Mark Ballas

Dancing with the Stars Partner

danced together from 24 Sep 2012
until 16 Oct 2012

Bristol Palin Bio Details

Bristol Palin Siblings

Track Palin


Willow Palin


Piper Palin


Trig Palin


Sarah Palin's Daughter
Bristol Palin

Bristol Sheeran Marie Palin




18 Oct 1990

Bristol Palin Partner(s) Other Children

Bristol Palin Children

Tripp Johnston

born 2008, age 8
with Levi Johnston

Bristol Palin Family

Bristol Palin's parents:

Bristol Palin's mother is Sarah Palin Bristol Palin's father is Todd Palin

Bristol Palin's children:

Bristol Palin's son is Tripp Johnston

Bristol Palin's former partners:

Bristol Palin is the former fiance of Levi Johnston

Bristol Palin's siblings:

Bristol Palin's brother is Track Palin Bristol Palin's sister is Willow Palin Bristol Palin's sister is Piper Palin Bristol Palin's brother is Trig Palin

Bristol Palin's grandparents:

Bristol Palin's grandfather is Charles Heath Bristol Palin's grandmother is Sally Heath Bristol Palin's grandfather is Jim Palin Bristol Palin's grandmother is Blanche Kallstrom

Bristol Palin's great grandparents:

Bristol Palin's great grandfather is Freeman Roberts Bristol Palin's great grandmother is Helena Andree

Bristol Palin's step-grandparents:

Bristol Palin's step-grandfather is Bob Kallstrom

Bristol Palin's uncles and aunts:

Bristol Palin's aunt is Molly McCann Bristol Palin's uncle is Charles Heath Jr. Bristol Palin's aunt is Heather Bruce

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