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Partner of 
Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin

Partners of 
Sarah Palin

Todd Palin


5 children together

29 Aug 1988

Sarah Palin Bio Details

Full name

Sarah Louise Palin

Maiden name

Sara Louise Heath





Date of birth

11 Feb 1964

Birth place

Sandpoint, Idaho, USA



Sports Reporter

US Governor (2006 - 2009)


Wasilla High School, Wasilla, Alaska, United States (Finished 1982)

University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, United States (Finished 1987)

Sarah Palin Siblings

Molly McCann


Charles Heath Jr.


Heather Bruce


Former Governor of Alaska 
Sarah Palin

Sarah Louise Palin




11 Feb 1964

Sarah Palin Partner(s) Other Children

Sarah Palin Children

Track Palin

born 1989, age 27 (approx.)
with Todd Palin

Bristol Palin

born 1990, age 26
with Todd Palin

Sarah Palin's Daughter

Willow Palin

born 1994, age 23 (approx.)
with Todd Palin

Piper Palin

born 2001, age 16 (approx.)
with Todd Palin

Trig Palin

born 2008, age 8 (approx.)
with Todd Palin

Sarah Palin Family

Sarah Palin's parents:

Sarah Palin's father is Charles Heath Sarah Palin's mother is Sally Heath

Sarah Palin's children:

Sarah Palin's daughter is Bristol Palin Sarah Palin's son is Track Palin Sarah Palin's daughter is Willow Palin Sarah Palin's daughter is Piper Palin Sarah Palin's son is Trig Palin

Sarah Palin's current partners:

Sarah Palin's husband is Todd Palin

Sarah Palin's siblings:

Sarah Palin's sister is Molly McCann Sarah Palin's brother is Charles Heath Jr. Sarah Palin's sister is Heather Bruce

Sarah Palin's grandchildren:

Sarah Palin's grandson is Tripp Johnston

Sarah Palin's in laws:

Sarah Palin's father in law is Jim Palin Sarah Palin's mother in law is Blanche Kallstrom Sarah Palin's step-father in law is Bob Kallstrom Sarah Palin's grandfather in law is Freeman Roberts Sarah Palin's grandmother in law is Helena Andree