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Partner of 
Roz Joel
Roz Joel

Partners of 
Roz Joel

Howard Joel


2 children together

married 1946
divorce 1960

Roz Joel
Bio Details

Full name

Rosalind Joel

Maiden name

Rosalind Nyman



Birth place


Roz Joel Siblings

Moochie Nyman


Bertha Nyman


Roz Joel Partner(s) Other Children

Roz Joel Children

Billy Joel

born 1949, age 68
with Howard Joel

American Singer

Judith Joel

born 1947, age 70 (approx.)
adopted with Howard Joel


Roz Joel Family

Roz Joel's parents:

Roz Joel's father was Philip Nyman Roz Joel's mother was Rebecca Nyman

Roz Joel's children:

Roz Joel's son is Billy Joel Roz Joel's adopted daughter is Judith Joel

Roz Joel's former partners:

Roz Joel's former husband is Howard Joel

Roz Joel's siblings:

Roz Joel's sister was Moochie Nyman Roz Joel's sister is Bertha Nyman

Roz Joel's nieces and nephews:

Roz Joel's niece is Judith Joel

Roz Joel's grandparents:

Roz Joel's grandfather was Jacob Nyman Roz Joel's grandmother was Leah Nyman

Roz Joel's grandchildren:

Roz Joel's granddaughter is Alexa Ray Joel Roz Joel's granddaughter is Della Rose Joel

Roz Joel's in laws:

Roz Joel's daughter in law is Alexis Joel

Roz Joel's former in laws:

Roz Joel's former daughter in law is Christie Brinkley Roz Joel's former daughter in law is Katie Lee Roz Joel's former father in law was Karl Joel Roz Joel's former mother in law was Meta Joel Roz Joel's former grandfather in law was Julius Joel Roz Joel's former husband Howard Joel's uncle in law was Leon Joel Roz Joel's former husband Howard Joel's aunt-by-marriage was Johanna Joel Roz Joel's former daughter in law is Elizabeth Joel