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Partners of 
Mary Schott
Mary Schott

Partners of 
Mary Schott

Lewis Schott


1 Sep 1994

Rod Taylor


1 child together

married 1 Jun 1963
divorce 1969

Arthur Rubloff


Ended 1986

Mary Schott
Bio Details

Full name

Mary Schott

Maiden name

Mary Hilem

Also known as

Mary Taylor

Mary Rubloff




75 (approx.)

Date of birth

Monday 01 Jan 1934

Birth place

San Diego, California, USA

Date of death:

Mar 2009


Socialite (Finished 2009)


Mary Schott

Mary Schott


75 (approx.)


Monday 01 Jan 1934


Mar 2009

Mary Schott Partner(s) Other Children

Mary Schott Children

Felicia Taylor

born 1964, age 52
with Rod Taylor

Nash Schott

step-child with Lewis Schott

Victoria de Rothschild

born 1949, age 68 (approx.)
step-child with Lewis Schott

Steven Schott

born 1954, age 63 (approx.)
step-child with Lewis Schott


Mary Schott Family

Mary Schott's parents:

Mary Schott's father was Henry Hilem Mary Schott's mother is Dorothy Hilem

Mary Schott's children:

Mary Schott's daughter is Felicia Taylor Mary Schott's step-daughter is Victoria de Rothschild Mary Schott's step-son is Nash Schott Mary Schott's step-son is Steven Schott

Mary Schott's current partners:

Mary Schott's husband was Lewis Schott

Mary Schott's former partners:

Mary Schott's former husband was Rod Taylor Mary Schott's former husband was Arthur Rubloff

Mary Schott's in laws:

Mary Schott's father in law is Sol Schott Mary Schott's mother in law is Matilda Schott Mary Schott's son in law is Charles Schuster

Mary Schott's former in laws:

Mary Schott's former father in law is William Taylor Mary Schott's former mother in law is Mona Taylor