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Partners of 
Doris Day
Doris Day

Partners of 
Doris Day

Barry Comden


married 14 Apr 1976
divorce Jan 1981

Marty Melcher


3 Apr 1951

George Weidler


married 30 Mar 1946
divorce 31 May 1949

Al Jorden


married circa May 1941
divorce about 1943

Doris Day Bio Details

Full name

Doris May Ann Day

Maiden name

Doris May Ann Von Kappelhof





Date of birth

3 Apr 1922

Birth place

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA



Animal Rights Activist

Singer & Recording Artist

Grammy Awards

2008 - Lifetime Achievement Award
Until 2017 Doris's birthdate had always been listed as 1924.

Doris Day Siblings

Richard Day


Paul Day


Legendary Singer and Actress
Doris Day

Doris May Ann Day




3 Apr 1922

Doris Day Partner(s) Other Children

Doris Day Children

Terry Melcher

born 1942, died 2004, age 62
with Al Jorden

Famous music producer

Doris Day Family

Doris Day's parents:

Doris Day's father is William Kappelhoff Doris Day's mother is Alma Welz

Doris Day's children:

Doris Day's son was Terry Melcher

Doris Day's current partners:

Doris Day's husband was Marty Melcher

Doris Day's former partners:

Doris Day's former husband was Barry Comden Doris Day's former husband was George Weidler Doris Day's former husband was Al Jorden

Doris Day's siblings:

Doris Day's brother was Richard Day Doris Day's brother is Paul Day

Doris Day's grandchildren:

Doris Day's grandson is Ryan Melcher

Doris Day's uncles and aunts:

Doris Day's uncle is Frank Welz Doris Day's uncle is Charley Welz

Doris Day's in laws:

Doris Day's father in law was Alter Melcher Doris Day's brother in law is Harry Melcher Doris Day's brother in law is Jack Melcher Doris Day's daughter in law is Terese Melcher

Doris Day's former in laws:

Doris Day's former daughter in law is Jacqueline Carlin Doris Day's former father in law was Alfred Weidler Doris Day's former mother in law was Margaret Weidler Doris Day's former sister in law was Virginia Weidler Doris Day's former daughter in law is Melissa Brown

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