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Russell Crowe
Partners of 
Russell Crowe

Played Maximus Decimus Meridius
in the Ridley Scott film Gladiator
Russell Crowe

Russell Ira Crowe




7 Apr 1964

Russell Crowe Bio Details

Full name

Russell Ira Crowe





Date of birth

7 Apr 1964

Birth place

Wellington, New Zealand




Sydney Boys High School, Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia

Auckland Boys Grammar School, Auckland, New Zealand

Mount Roskill Grammar School, Auckland, New Zealand


2001 - Best Actor - Gladiator


2002 - Best Actor - A Beautiful Mind

Golden Globes

2002 - Best Actor - A Beautiful Mind

Russell Crowe Siblings

Terry Crowe


Partners of 
Russell Crowe

Julie Burgess

Rumoured Romance

allegedly dating from about 2015

Katie Lee


dated from Dec 2012
until before 2015

Danielle Spencer


2 children together

married 7 Apr 2003
separated Oct 2012

Meg Ryan


affair from 2000
until 2000

Heather Graham

Alleged Romance

Sharon Stone

Alleged Romance

Courtney Love

Alleged Romance

Kim Basinger

Alleged Romance

Russell Crowe Children

Russell Crowe Partner(s) Other Children

Charles Crowe

born 2003, age 13
with Danielle Spencer

Tennyson Crowe

born 2006, age 10
with Danielle Spencer

Russell Crowe Family

Russell Crowe's parents:

Russell Crowe's father is Alex Crowe Russell Crowe's mother is Jocelyn Crowe

Russell Crowe's children:

Russell Crowe's son is Charles Crowe Russell Crowe's son is Tennyson Crowe

Russell Crowe's current partners:

Russell Crowe is rumoured to have a romance with Julie Burgess

Russell Crowe's former partners:

Russell Crowe allegedly had a romance with Kim Basinger Russell Crowe had an affair with Meg Ryan Russell Crowe allegedly had a romance with Heather Graham Russell Crowe allegedly had a romance with Sharon Stone Russell Crowe allegedly had a romance with Courtney Love Russell Crowe dated Katie Lee Russell Crowe's former wife is Danielle Spencer

Russell Crowe's siblings:

Russell Crowe's brother is Terry Crowe

Russell Crowe's grandparents:

Russell Crowe's grandfather was Stan Wemyss OBE Russell Crowe's grandmother is Joy Wemyss Russell Crowe's grandfather is Jack Crowe

Russell Crowe's great grandparents:

Russell Crowe's great grandfather was Athol Stanley Wemyss Russell Crowe's great grandmother was Erana Putiputi Wemyss

Russell Crowe's former in laws:

Russell Crowe's former father in law is Don Spencer Russell Crowe's former mother in law is Julie Spencer Russell Crowe's former brother in law is Dean Spencer

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