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Jim McKee
Partner of 
Jim McKee

Jim McKee

Jim McKee

Jim McKee
Bio Details

Full name

Jim McKee



Partners of 
Jim McKee

Judy McKee


1995 (ca.)

Jim McKee Children

Marc Jacobs

born 1963, age 55
step-child with Judy McKee

World renowned fashion designer

Julie Donnelly

born 1966, age 52 (approx.)
step-child with Judy McKee

Paul Jacobs

born 1967, age 51 (approx.)
step-child with Judy McKee

Jim McKee Partner(s) Other Children


Jim McKee Family

Jim McKee's children:

Jim McKee's step-son is Marc Jacobs Jim McKee's step-daughter is Julie Donnelly Jim McKee's step-son is Paul Jacobs

Jim McKee's current partners:

Jim McKee's wife was Judy McKee

Jim McKee's in laws:

Jim McKee's wife Judy McKee's uncle in law was Sam Weisbord Jim McKee's father in law was Abbot Weisbord Jim McKee's grandfather in law was Jacob Weisbord Jim McKee's grandmother in law was Goldie Weisbord Jim McKee's brother in law is Jeffrey Weisbord Jim McKee's sister in law-by-marriage is Louise Weisbord Jim McKee's wife Judy McKee's aunt in law is Mildred Granoff