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Partners of 
Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart

Partners of 
Martha Stewart

Sir Anthony Hopkins CBE


dated from Feb 2001

Charles Simonyi

On-Off relationship

relationship resumed about 1993
until about 2008

Terry O'Neill


dated from circa 1990

Andrew Stewart


1 child together

married 1961
divorce 1990

Martha Stewart Bio Details

Full name

Martha Helen Stewart

Maiden name

Martha Helen Kostyra





Date of birth

3 Aug 1941

Birth place

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA


TV Personality




Nutty High School, New Jersey, United States

Insider Trading Scandal

In 2003 Martha was charged with conspiracy, obstruction of justice and securities fraud, linked to her personal stock trade back in 2001.  A jury found Stewart guilty on four counts of obstruction justice and lying to investigators.  On the 17 June 2004 she was sentenced to five months in prison and two years of supervised release along with a fine of $30,000.
American Entrepreneur
Martha Stewart

Martha Helen Stewart




3 Aug 1941

Martha Stewart Partner(s) Other Children

Martha Stewart Children

Alexis Stewart

born 1965, age 52 (approx.)
with Andrew Stewart

Martha Stewart Family

Martha Stewart's parents:

Martha Stewart's father was Eddie Kostyra Martha Stewart's mother was Martha Kostyra

Martha Stewart's children:

Martha Stewart's daughter is Alexis Stewart

Martha Stewart's former partners:

Martha Stewart dated Sir Anthony Hopkins CBE Martha Stewart had an on-off relationship with Charles Simonyi Martha Stewart dated Terry O'Neill Martha Stewart's former husband is Andrew Stewart

Martha Stewart's grandparents:

Martha Stewart's grandfather was Frank Kostyra Martha Stewart's grandmother was Helen Kostyra

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