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Nick Loeb
Partners of 
Nick Loeb

Nick Loeb Bio Details

Full name

Nicholas Loeb





Date of birth

2 Aug 1975

Birth place

New Yok City, New York, USA

Nick Loeb Siblings

Alexandra Loeb Driscoll


other parent: Nina Noyes

Partners of 
Nick Loeb

Sofia Vergara

Broken Engagement

engaged from Jul 2012
until May 2014

Nick Loeb Family

Nick Loeb's parents:

Nick Loeb's father is John Langeloth Loeb Jr Nick Loeb's mother was Meta Harrsen Bauer Nick Loeb's step-mother is Sharon Handler-Loeb

Nick Loeb's former step-parents:

Nick Loeb's former step-mother is Nina Noyes Nick Loeb's former step-father was Jeffrey L Bauer

Nick Loeb's former partners:

Nick Loeb is the former fiance of Sofia Vergara

Nick Loeb's siblings:

Nick Loeb's half-sister is Alexandra Loeb Driscoll

Nick Loeb's grandparents:

Nick Loeb's grandfather was Frederick Pearson Harrsen Nick Loeb's grandmother is Edna Mildred Martindell Nick Loeb's grandfather was John Langeloth Loeb Sr. Nick Loeb's grandmother was Frances Loeb

Nick Loeb's former step-grandparents:

Nick Loeb's former step-grandfather is Johannes Sundby Nick Loeb's former step-grandfather is Donald J Bauer Nick Loeb's former step-grandmother is Katherine Bauer

Nick Loeb's uncles and aunts:

Nick Loeb's aunt is Judith Loeb Chiara Nick Loeb's uncle is Arthur Lehman Loeb Nick Loeb's aunt is Deborah Loeb Brice Nick Loeb's aunt was Ann Loeb Bronfman

Nick Loeb's cousins:

Nick Loeb's cousin is Holly Bronfman-lev Nick Loeb's cousin is Samuel Bronfman Nick Loeb's cousin is Edgar Bronfman Jr. Nick Loeb's cousin is Matthew Bronfman Nick Loeb's cousin is Adam Bronfman