Relationship History

Major Geoffrey Gee


1 child together

Nov 1939

Bucky Gee Bio Details

Full name

Vera Kathleen Gee

Maiden name

Vera Kathleen Buck




71 (approx.)

Date of birth

28 Apr 1921

Birth place

Prescot, Lancashire, England, UK

Date of death:

Nov 1992

Bucky Gee Children

Prunella Gee


Prunella Gee

with Major Geoffrey Gee

Bucky Gee Family

Bucky Gee's children:

Bucky Gee's daughter is Prunella Gee

Bucky Gee's current partners:

Bucky Gee's husband was Major Geoffrey Gee

Bucky Gee's in laws:

Bucky Gee's father in law was George Gee Bucky Gee's mother in law was Mary Gee

Bucky Gee's former in laws:

Bucky Gee's former son in law was Ken Campbell