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Tam Phillips
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Tam Phillips

Tam Phillips

Tamerlane Phillips




Sunday 14 Mar 1971

Tam Phillips
Bio Details

Full name

Tamerlane Phillips





Date of birth

Sunday 14 Mar 1971



Mortgage Broker

In March 1977 a court granted legal custody of Tamerlane to his Aunt Rosie with the understanding that he would remain in his Fathers ex wife's (Michelle Phillips) care. Two years later his parents took him back and in a courtroom battle won back custody.

Tam Phillips Siblings

Mackenzie Phillips


other parent: Susan Phillips, Suzy Phillips-January

Chynna Phillips Baldwin


other parent: Michelle Phillips

Bijou Phillips


Partners of 
Tam Phillips


Tam Phillips Family

Tam Phillips's parents:

Tam Phillips's father was John Phillips Tam Phillips's mother is Genevieve Waite Tam Phillips's step-mother is Farnaz Arasteh

Tam Phillips's former step-parents:

Tam Phillips's former step-mother is Michelle Phillips Tam Phillips's former step-mother was Susan Phillips, Suzy Phillips-January Tam Phillips's former step-father is Norman Buntaine Tam Phillips's former step-father is Matthew Reich

Tam Phillips's siblings:

Tam Phillips's sister is Bijou Phillips Tam Phillips's half-sister is Mackenzie Phillips Tam Phillips's half-sister is Chynna Phillips Baldwin

Tam Phillips's nieces and nephews:

Tam Phillips's niece is Jameson Baldwin Tam Phillips's nephew is Vance Baldwin Tam Phillips's niece is Brooke Baldwin Tam Phillips's niece is Fianna Masterson

Tam Phillips's grandparents:

Tam Phillips's grandfather is Claude Phillips, Tam Phillips's grandmother is Edna Phillips

Tam Phillips's former step-grandparents:

Tam Phillips's former step-grandfather was Gardner Gilliam Tam Phillips's former step-grandmother was Joyce Gilliam