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Partner of 
Madge Cocker
Madge Cocker

Partners of 
Madge Cocker

Harold Cocker


2 children together

Madge Cocker
Bio Details

Full name

Madge Cocker

Maiden name

Madge Lee



Madge Cocker

Madge Cocker

Madge Cocker Partner(s) Other Children

Madge Cocker Children

Victor Cocker

born 1943 (bef.), age 75 (bef.)
with Harold Cocker

Former boss of Severn Trent Water Authority

Joe Cocker

born 1944, died 2014, age 70
with Harold Cocker

Gravel voiced superstar


Madge Cocker Family

Madge Cocker's children:

Madge Cocker's son was Joe Cocker Madge Cocker's son is Victor Cocker

Madge Cocker's current partners:

Madge Cocker's husband is Harold Cocker

Madge Cocker's in laws:

Madge Cocker's daughter in law is Pam Baker