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Albert Drogba
Partner of 
Albert Drogba

Albert Drogba

Albert Drogba

Albert Drogba
Bio Details

Full name

Albert Drogba



Partners of 
Albert Drogba

Clotilde Drogba


3 children together

Albert Drogba Children

Didier Drogba

born 1978, age 40
with Clotilde Drogba

One of the world's top footballers

Joel Drogba

born 1985, age 33
with Clotilde Drogba

Freddy Drogba

born 1992, age 26 (approx.)
with Clotilde Drogba

Albert Drogba Partner(s) Other Children


Albert Drogba Family

Albert Drogba's children:

Albert Drogba's son is Didier Drogba Albert Drogba's son is Joel Drogba Albert Drogba's son is Freddy Drogba

Albert Drogba's current partners:

Albert Drogba's wife is Clotilde Drogba

Albert Drogba's grandchildren:

Albert Drogba's grandson is Isaac Drogba Albert Drogba's granddaughter is Iman Drogba Albert Drogba's grandson is Kieran Drogba

Albert Drogba's in laws:

Albert Drogba's daughter in law is Lalla Drogba