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Nic Adler
Partners of 
Nic Adler

Son of Bond Girl Britt Ekland
Nic Adler

Nicholai Adler


44 (approx.)



Nic Adler Bio Details

Full name

Nicholai Adler




44 (approx.)

Date of birth




Nightclub Owner

His Godfather is Jack Nicholson.

Nic Adler Siblings

Victoria Sellers


other parent: Peter Sellers

Cisco Adler


other parent: Phyllis Somer

Thomas McDonnell


other parent: Slim Jim Phantom

Partners of 
Nic Adler

Alison Adler


1 child together


Nic Adler Children

Nic Adler Partner(s) Other Children

Cassius Adler

with Alison Adler

Grandson of Movie Sex Symbol Britt Ekland

Nic Adler Family

Nic Adler's parents:

Nic Adler's mother is Britt Ekland Nic Adler's father is Lou Adler Nic Adler's step-mother is Paige Hannah Nic Adler's step-mother is Page Hannah

Nic Adler's former step-parents:

Nic Adler's former step-father was Peter Sellers Nic Adler's former step-father is Slim Jim Phantom

Nic Adler's children:

Nic Adler's son is Cassius Adler

Nic Adler's current partners:

Nic Adler's wife is Alison Adler

Nic Adler's siblings:

Nic Adler's half-brother is Cisco Adler Nic Adler's half-sister is Victoria Sellers Nic Adler's half-brother is Thomas McDonnell

Nic Adler's grandparents:

Nic Adler's grandfather is Sven Eklund Nic Adler's grandmother is Maj Eklund

Nic Adler's step-grandparents:

Nic Adler's step-grandfather is Donald Hannah Nic Adler's step-grandmother is Susan Hannah Nic Adler's step-grandfather is Jerrold Wexler

Nic Adler's former step-grandparents:

Nic Adler's former step-grandfather was Bill Sellers Nic Adler's former step-grandmother was Peg Sellers Nic Adler's former step-grandfather is John Ayers

Nic Adler's uncles and aunts:

Nic Adler's uncle is Bo Ekland Nic Adler's uncle is Carl Ekland