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Partner of 
Maya Picasso
Maya Picasso

Partners of 
Maya Picasso

Pierre Widmaier


2 children together

Maya Picasso Bio Details

Full name

Maya Picasso




82 (approx.)

Date of birth


Maya Picasso Siblings

Paulo Picasso


other parent: Olga Khokhlova

Claude Picasso


other parent: Francoise Gilot

Paloma Picasso


other parent: Francoise Gilot

Maya Picasso

Maya Picasso


82 (approx.)



Maya Picasso Partner(s) Other Children

Maya Picasso Children

Olivier Picasso

born 1961, age 56 (approx.)
with Pierre Widmaier

Pablo Picasso's Grandson

Diana Widmaier Picasso

born 1974, age 43 (approx.)
with Pierre Widmaier

Pablo Picasso's Granddaughter

Maya Picasso Family

Maya Picasso's parents:

Maya Picasso's father was Pablo Picasso Maya Picasso's mother was Marie-Therese Walter

Maya Picasso's former step-parents:

Maya Picasso's former step-mother was Jacquiline Roque Maya Picasso's former step-mother was Olga Khokhlova

Maya Picasso's children:

Maya Picasso's son is Olivier Picasso Maya Picasso's daughter is Diana Widmaier Picasso

Maya Picasso's current partners:

Maya Picasso's husband is Pierre Widmaier

Maya Picasso's siblings:

Maya Picasso's half-brother is Paulo Picasso Maya Picasso's half-brother is Claude Picasso Maya Picasso's half-sister is Paloma Picasso

Maya Picasso's nieces and nephews:

Maya Picasso's nephew is Pablito Picasso Maya Picasso's niece is Marina Picasso

Maya Picasso's grandparents:

Maya Picasso's grandfather is Don Jose Ruiz Y Blasco Maya Picasso's grandmother is Maria Picasso Y Lopez