Alexander McQueen CBE Bio Details

Full name

Lee Alexander McQueen

Also known as

Lee McQueen





Date of birth

17 Mar 1969

Birth place

Lewisham, London, England, UK

Date of death:

11 Feb 2010

Place of death

Mayfair, London, England, UK

Cause of death

Took his own life



Apprentice Cutter (1985)

Fashion Designer (1994)


Rokeby Comprehensive School, Stratford, London, United Kingdom

Central Saint Martins, College of Arts & Design, London, England, United Kingdom (1992 - 1994)

Claims to have graffitied obscene phrases into the linings of suites, supposedly made for the Prince of Wales, while working as an apprentice cutter in the mid 1980s.
A unique fashion designer renowned for his very dramatic, theatrical fashion shows, McQueen created many hard cutting designs and often used daring images printed on textiles.  He was also the creator of the infamously low-slung 'buster' trousers.
Awarded British Designer of the year 4 times.
Was abused by sister Janet's husband Terence Huyler (now dead) and also witnessed some of the beatings Janet received at the hands of her husband.

Alexander McQueen CBE

'Bad Boy of Fashion"
Alexander McQueen CBE

Relationship History

George Forsyth


marriage 2000
divorce about 2001

Andrew Groves


Alexander McQueen CBE Siblings

Janet McQueen


Tony McQueen


Tracy McQueen


Jackie McQueen


Michael McQueen


Alexander McQueen CBE Family

Alexander McQueen CBE's parents:

Alexander McQueen CBE's father is Ronald McQueen Alexander McQueen CBE's mother was Joyce McQueen

Alexander McQueen CBE's former partners:

Alexander McQueen CBE had a relationship with Andrew Groves Alexander McQueen CBE's former husband is George Forsyth

Alexander McQueen CBE's siblings:

Alexander McQueen CBE's sister is Janet McQueen Alexander McQueen CBE's brother is Tony McQueen Alexander McQueen CBE's sister is Tracy McQueen Alexander McQueen CBE's sister is Jackie McQueen Alexander McQueen CBE's brother is Michael McQueen