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Partners of 
Jecca Baillie
Jecca Baillie

Partners of 
Jecca Baillie

Professor Jonathan Baillie


1 child together

26 Mar 2016

Captain Philip Kaye


dated from about 2011

Hugh Crossley, 4th Baron Somerleyton

Broken Engagement

engaged from Oct 2008
until Oct 2009

Prince William
HRH The Duke Of Cambridge

Alleged Romance

alleged romance from 2001
until 2001

Henry Ropner


relationship began about 2001
until about Feb 2004

Jecca Baillie Bio Details

Full name

Jessica Baillie

Maiden name

Jessica Craig

Also known as

Jecca Craig





Date of birth

1 Jan 1982

Birth place



Pembroke House School, Nakuru, Kenya

Jecca Baillie Siblings

Batian Craig


Former girlfriend of Prince William
Jecca Baillie

Jessica Baillie




1 Jan 1982

Jecca Baillie Partner(s) Other Children

Jecca Baillie Children

Wolf Baillie

born 2015 (ca.), age 1 (ca.)
with Professor Jonathan Baillie

Jecca Baillie Family

Jecca Baillie's parents:

Jecca Baillie's father is Ian Craig Jecca Baillie's mother is Jane Craig

Jecca Baillie's children:

Jecca Baillie's son is Wolf Baillie

Jecca Baillie's current partners:

Jecca Baillie's husband is Professor Jonathan Baillie

Jecca Baillie's former partners:

Jecca Baillie allegedly had a romance with Prince William HRH The Duke Of Cambridge Jecca Baillie had a relationship with Henry Ropner Jecca Baillie dated Captain Philip Kaye Jecca Baillie is the former fiance of Hugh Crossley, 4th Baron Somerleyton

Jecca Baillie's siblings:

Jecca Baillie's brother is Batian Craig